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----**** EXTRA • I own a beautiful old historic 4-bedroom home in a PRIME location in Grand Lake, Colorado which is the western gateway into the Rocky Mountain National Park that could made be made available to our new landowner, provided we can come to agreeable terms. Also, I have a 2-bedroom fishing cabin (mobile home) just north of Lake Livingston with a boat, that has lake and river access, that could also be made available to our new landowner, provided we can come to agreeable terms.****---- or (
web sites for my home in Colorado).


We are a small group of professionals hoping to establish a long term relationship with an honest Texas landowner that will lease us a parcel of land with exclusive year round hunting rights. After 20+ years on the same ranch, our landowner passed away this winter and his heirs are selling. As a result, they are not renewing our lease. With none of the heirs living on the ranch and considering what the ranch will bring in today's market, we can not blame them for selling. That being said, we have been hunting off of FM 2084 south of Christoval in Schleicher County and would love to stay close to here. However, we would also consider a lease in the following counties: Sutton, Menard, Kimble, Mason, McCullouch, Concho, Tom Green, Coke, San Saba, Llano, Kerr, Edwards, Val Verde, Kinney, Uvalde, Medina, Bandera, Real, Lampasas, Coryell, Hamilton, Mills, and Bell. 

My name is Ryan H. Alworth, I am a naitive Texan and I represent this small group of hunters. My group consists of close friends, as most all of us were raised in Conroe, Texas (the county seat of Montgomery County / 45 miles north of Houston) and I have known most of our hunters 35+ years. This allows me to vouch for each of these gentleman, as each is a personal friend of mine that I know and trust. While our hunting group has seen some changes over the years, our pool of friends is large enough that we have never had to advertise to the general public in order to fill a vacant position. Each of us is a responsible citizen that understands and truly appreciates the privilege extended when signing a deer lease. We always text prior to our arrival and always text upon our departure. We always secure gates as directed. We never leave any garbage of any kind. We drink some, but don't ever get out of control; we are all all older responsible adults. We have no desire to bring any children but will occasionally bring our wives, but none of them hunt. We have never been issued a citation by the game warden. While we have been in a five (5) deer county (Schleicher), our group of six (6) has never taken more than ten (10) deer in any one season. We are experienced safe hunters that actively works on improving your herd every year. We accomplish this by focusing our harvest on mature animals or very specific culls we have identified clearly for removal. Each of us has reached an age where we shoot far more video than animals, as we truly understand that the real work begins, after you pull the trigger. We eat and enjoy the game we kill, so after quartering our game, we place our animals in thick six (6) millimeter food grade bags. This keeps our venison clean and fresh. While our previous landowner never wanted any venison, we are more than happy to share. We would prefer to have our own lease, as opposed to being part of a larger group. As there is a comfort in knowing each other well. We have developed a strong trust, and feel comfortable that each of us will act safely, as we all respect and understand the dangers that come with handling high power hunting rifles.

Hunting Group #1 Hunting Group #2

In this first group picture, our front row consists of my father, my friend's grandfather, and my friend's father-in-law; unfortunately all three (3) of these men have passed away. To replace them, we began inviting other close friends around our age to round out our group; never having more than six hunters. However, things change and based everyone's current situation, we could be as few as four (4) hunters and as large as maybe seven (7) or eight (8). Our total number of hunters will depend on the topography of the land and the total number of acres leased. We all have good references, as I for instance, am eighth generation from Montgomery County, Texas. My family arrived into Texas on December 31st, 1829 and received Headright Grant Number Five (5) from Stephen F. Austin in what would later become Montgomery County. We all work, have professional jobs, travel, and are educated. As a result, we will not be there every weekend during hunting season.

We are interested in finding a parcel of land that is as small as one (1) section (640 acres) or so, to maybe as large as two (2) sections (1280 acres +/- or anything in between). It will all depend on the total lease price and the actual location. Please keep in mind that we only require two items: 1) a pasture to hunt and 2) a meter pole. We have everything else we could ever require (as our previous landowner only provided us with those two items). The location we have been hunting has never had running water. sewer or any septic systems available. Therefore, after 20+ years, we have perfected the burn and bury system; and we already possess the facilities to execute this. Please don't get me wrong, we would love running water and sewer, but understand that it is not a requirement.

Picture of Burn Barrel Inside Outhouse Looking a Burn Barrel Picture of Outhouse

We had been leasing roughly 800 acres. On this lease we maintained nine (9) stands and feeders for our group that never numbered more than six (6) hunters. With all of us being close friends, we have never assigned specific stands or areas to any one specific hunter, instead we have always shared and shared alike with regard to stands on our lease. We pull for one another and have always worked together to scout and share information. Over the years, we found it was easier to feed as a group, and had set each feeder to spin four times daily. Each feeder throws around a pound per cycle and thus they each throw between four (4) pounds and five (5) pounds of corn EVERY day. With nine (9) feeders, we have been feeding over eight (8) tons of corn every year on this lease. Having hunted on a goat ranch, we have feeder panels to enclose our feeders to keep the livestock out. After so many years of trial and error, we have perfected a system where we refill the feeders every sixty (60) days. To make it easy, we always filled on the weekend that includes the first Saturday of every even month (FEB / APR / JUN / AUG / OCT / DEC). This sets the schedule so that we can hunt three of the six months (APR - Turkey, OCT - Bow Season, DEC - General Gun), and thus limits our trips that are required during the non-hunting season.

Deer Corn being loaded Four wheeler and trailer while out filling deer feeders. Four wheeler and trailer while out filling the feeders.

We are a responsible group that even goes to the trouble to locate all the potential hunters, houses, and hazards around us. With today's technology, we are able to provide detailed maps of almost any area, and by using the latest satellite technology, we can identify stands on adjacent properties, thus avoiding dangerous situations. We have off road vehicles for use in areas where there may not be roads or for use if the ground is soft from precipitation.

Master Deer Lease Map - Old Master Deer Stands Around Us - Old

This is our 12' x 24' portable building, understanding the covered porch has been removed for storage. We use this building as our main gathering place. We fix and eat meals together here, we have some storage and two refrigerators, plus there are four bunk beds for anyone who may need one. This building is only one room, it is insulated and has both A/C and heat.

Our cabin Our Cabin (back)

This is our International Shipping Container, outdoor shower, and special "burn everything" outhouse.... our landowner did not provide us with anything but a meter pole, we did not even have running water. The 2nd outhouse is not coming. The international shipping container is where we will store all of our pallets and such. The golf cart and ATV that we had been stored in them have been removed and stored elsewhere.

20' international cargo containter Outhouse

We have two travel trailers. This is the 34' 3411 Silver Streak and a picture of my cooler caddy which keeps my coolers out of the hot sun and thus saves on ice.

My 34' Silver Streak 34' Silver Streak Travel Trailer

This is this our 19' Tracker Travel Trailer and the back side of the small cooler caddy that provides full time shade for my coolers.

19' Travel Trailer Back side of cooler shade

These are our deer stands. All the ones in the left picture will come with us, in the right picture the stand with a black door and the small tower have already been removed. We have hog panels, feeder barrels, and feeder legs for each feeder.

Deer stands Deer stands

This is a 3" Stoeger Condor, Over and Under Shotgun, I am offering this as a BONUS to anyone that puts me in contact with a landowner, that results in a long term year round hunting lease for our group.

Stoeger 3" Over and Under Shotgun Stoeger 3" Over and Under Shotgun
Stoeger 3" Over and Under Shotgun Stoeger 3" Over and Under Shotgun

These are some fun pictures I thought I would share of our group over the years.....

MPL with a nice buck

If it helps or would otherwise assist you in remembering me.... I am related to Lance Alworth, we always called him Uncle Lance, but he is really my father's 1st cousin, and my 1st cousin once removed. The 1st photo is one of his Sports illustrated covers, the 2nd a photo was taken as he catches a pass from Roger Staubach in SuperBowl VI, and the 3rd is an autographed jersey he sent me. (One Christmas he sent us all signed jerseys) Could I get you an autograph... guess it all depends on what sort of deal we are getting.... ;-)


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